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Mens December Competitions

December 17th           Bird & Bottle 2              B/ball Stableford    Entry Sheet   Drawn Dec 10th

December 24th          Captains Bird & Bottle  Singles Stableford Entry Sheet   Drawn Dec 17th

December 31st  New Years Eve  No Club competition please make your own arrangements by booking a tee if you wish to play golf.

The  Start sheet will appear on the Mens start sheet page on the drawn dates stated above. Entry sheet for the Bird and Bottle competition to be held on the 17th December  is on the Men’s notice board.

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2017 Men’s Presentation Evening

A successful night at Parklands on Friday, 24th November, saw a lot of smiling trophy winners collect their silverware and trophies. The trophy winners were announced by the Men’s Chairman Kenny Shepherd, and the trophies presented by the Men’s Captain, Tess Mann. The Junior Manager, Bryan Malone also presented trophies to members of the junior team. Assistance was also received from Brian King and Geoff Brown snapped away to record the events for the website and Facebook. Well done to all the trophy winners and a big thank you to Kenny Shepherd who has worked very hard to ensure this event went smoothly. For those members who are not on Facebook, the photographs can be viewed by clicking on the following link …..

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Temporary Greens are GUR

Temporary greens, marked with a continuous white line, are currently established on the course for winter conditions. When NOT in play, these temporary greens are to be treated as GUR and relief MUST be taken. There are no exceptions including the use of the putter! The penalty for playing from GUR is 2 strokes.  The player MUST lift the ball and drop it without penalty within one club-length of and not nearer the hole than the nearest point of relief. The ball may be cleaned when lifted under this rule.

Conversely, if any of these temporary greens are in play then the main green of the hole in question is out of play and is deemed a Wrong Putting Green and relief MUST be taken as above, and again you must not put off this wrong green.     We’re trying to protect the course – It’s all common sense!!

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Inters vs Rabbits Annual Match

Today was the 5th round of the Winter league and it was also the occasion of the second annual match between a team of players for the Inter League and a team of players from the Rabbits League. The match consisted of a team of 14 nominated players from each side and the result was determined by taking the best 12 stableford scores from each team and adding the points together to determine the winner. The match is keenly contested and brings out the friendly rivalry between Iwan Owen who captains the Inters and Tommy Watson who captains the Rabbits. The overall result was a win for the Inters with a score of 469 vs 456. The photograph shows the Inters Vice Captain Iain McPhillips receiving the trophy from the Club President Geoff Brown. Well done to all who played today and braved the strong wind and biting temperature.


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Men’s Presentation Evening

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Just for Clarification – Discount off Food

We have been asked if the 15% discount off food for members applies to the Christmas menu or the Afternoon/Cream Teas. To avoid any confusion or disappointment, the Club Secretary has clarified this with the Company and confirmed that the discount only applies to the normal clubhouse menu, not the Christmas menu or Cream Teas.

Looks like a bacon sandwich instead of turkey this year!

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Clocks Go Back Tonight

Don’t forget to put your clocks back one hour tonight.

You may have a long wait if you turn up on the tee an hour too early in the morning.

Enjoy your extra hour in bed!

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Provisional Balls – No going back!

During this mornings round at Parklands,  I fell foul of the rule 27-2a regarding a provisional ball.

I played my second shot on the 4th hole over the ditch and it went towards the two trees to the right hand side of the fairway. What I failed to realise was the large quantity of fallen leaves which lay under the trees. After a few minutes searching, I took a club and a second ball and ran (well jogged) back to the spot I played the shot from and dropped and hit the ball. On walking back towards the ditch my playing partners shouted they had found my original ball.

Was I entitled to play my original ball now it was found? – well no. I had played a second ball and as soon as I hit it, it became the ball in play. I could not declare the second ball “a Provisional ball” because you must play it before you go forward to search for the original ball. (27-2a) When you go back to play the second ball, it becomes the ball in play even if you subsequently find your original ball.

Grin and bear it … and damn the leaves!

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Parklands Rabbits team player lifting the British Masters

I’m not sure how many Parklands members got to go to the recent British Masters event at Close House Golf Club, but I’m sure it was quite a few. I know some were stewards and others were visitors all enjoying the chance to see the cream of the European Tour on a local course with welcoming North East weather. But I am sure that John Curtis, one of our Parklands members, was the only one to lift the Masters Trophy!! Well done John, God loves a trier!

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Junior Fund Raising

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