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Tickets for the Children’s Christmas Party

The list for tickets for the 2016 Children’s Christmas party will be available at the Clubhouse tomorrow night at the Club Presentation Night. Now you have two reasons to turn up tomorrow night! Enjoy.


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Vets Prize Presentation and Dinner – Last Call

If you haven’t registered your interest in attending the Vets Presentation and Dinner (see below) please do so soon via the Vets notice board or speak to Dorothy.

Don’t miss out – come to the dinner and enjoy yourselves!

Parklands Golf Club – “Vets” Section

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Club Presentation Night – Friday 25th Nov 2016


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2016 Lady Captain’s Charity

maureen-charity-2017Following the 2016 Ladies AGM, held at Parklands Golf Club on Monday, 7th November, the Lady Captain Maureen Jenkins presented two cheques to Diane Forster, the Community Sister for the Community Nursing Support Team. One donation was to the Community nurses and the second was for Marie Curie. The cheques totalled £1000 and Maureen sent her thanks to all the Parklands members who have supported her in the raising this most laudable sum.

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Badgers in the Bunkers

I thought I had witnessed most situations with Golf Rules on the course, but Sunday brought a new one. We were just walking from the 10th green and noticed a deep scrape in the left-hand greenside bunker. On examination, we noticed there were no rabbit droppings but there were paw prints. I blamed it on a stray dog and Alan Wardle kindly raked the bunker to ensure any player behind was not faced with the dilemma as to whether he would be entitled to relief.

On Monday morning I was walking off the 10th and glanced in the same bunker, only to see a new scrape (photo) along with a rather large pile of poo. We did not rake the bunker, thus avoiding a nasty surprise to anyone playing a bunker shot, and I again blamed a dog, I chanced on a member of the greenstaff and reported the deposit. He informed me that it was most likescatly to be a badger. I have since found almost identical photos on the web (you can find almost anything with Google) and I am now reasonably certain it’s a badger scrape. “The Badger digs a shallow pit to deposit the scat well away from its home or sett.” A badger = burrowing animal ie “makes a hole for habitation or shelter”. Therefore if it occurs again it’s reasonable to take relief under 25.1 Abnormal Ground Conditions. I hope the occasion does not arise again!

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Anarchy on a Sunday Morning

queueThe behaviour of many of our competitors in the Sunday competition last week leaves a lot to be desired when they turned an ordered draw into a scramble.  This was an official club qualifying competition, stroke play, off the white tees, to be played in three balls with a timed draw. The shop staff had kindly offered to act as starter. So for members to turn up and demand to be off early “I need to get off early” or simply go out and join another 2 ball because someone has not turned up is unacceptable. The poor starter was faced with all of these problems and more! This was bad behaviour which should have resulted in disqualification for all concerned. (It’s a penalty to start too early unless the players are instructed to do so. Rules of Golf Decision 6-3a/5). If it takes a Committee member to act as starter to curb this bad behaviour then that is what will happen for the last two rounds of the eclectic. Poor show guys!

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Thieves in the Men’s Locker Room

lockIt’s sad to think that there are thieves about and even worse that they are operating on the Parklands site, but unfortunately they are — and they have struck again. This time, it has been in the Men’s locker room where thieves have broken into 2 lockers and stolen a driver and other clubs. Their modus operandi was to punch out the locks. So if you own a locker, remember that all the contents are stored there at your own risk and you should take all the necessary care to protect your clubs and equipment. As a minimum, a clasp and lock should be fitted which may deter all but the most determined thief.

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Results Mixed Open – Turkey Shoot

prize-table1st – 47pts.-James and Sharon Herron – Longhirst 
2nd – 45pts. – Marion Lawn and Ian Marr – Parklands/
3rd – 43pts. – Elaine – Milor and Ronnie Wraith – Parklands/
4th – 41pts. Shirley and Steven Young – Longhirst/Morpeth 
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macmillan-logo-abrOn Monday 15th August 4 of our members Graeme Brown, Paul Taylor, John & Kevin Smiles took part in the 72 Hole Golf Challenge at Parklands. We are very happy to inform you that not only did everyone complete the challenge they also raised a whopping £1880. Well done all and a massive thank you.

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Inter versus Rabbits

rabbitsOnce last Sunday’s early rain had cleared, the fairways of Parklands were awash with pink polo shirted players competing in the inaugural challenge match between the Parklands Inter and Rabbits teams.
Each team consisted of 14 players with the winners calculated on the total stableford points scored by the best 12 players in each team. It was a very tense afternoon as the scores were coming in but the winners, by a very small  margin of 4 stableford points,  were the Inter team. (Full results published on the Rabbits web page).
The day was a great success, and plans are already being made for the next challenge match, but for the next few months, the bragging rights are deservedly held by the Inter team.
The respective captains, Iwan Owen (Inter) and Tommy Watson (Rabbits) were very pleased with the commitment, dedication, effort and competitive spirit displayed by both sets of players in the challenge match, as well as in the league fixtures played throughout the season.rabbits vs inter
Parklands will again be running an Inter (handicap 8-15) and Rabbits (handicap 16+) teams in the 2017 season, get in touch with lwan or Tommy if you fancy getting involved next year.

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