2014 Changes to the CONGU UHS 

CONGU have advised that the following changes will take effect on 1st January 2014.

You can read these changes by clicking here }}} Changes To CONGU 2014

Guide to the CONGU UHS

One of the reasons why golf is such a popular sport is that a golfer can play against any other golfer and have an equitable chance of winning.

This is because, unlike most sports, a handicap is assigned to all members of affiliated golf clubs which reflects their standard of play and provides a level playing field (pardon the pun).

In response to feedback from Clubs and Counties, the England Golf handicap and course rating committee have put together a simple guide to the CONGU UHS, which is aimed at any new Handicap Secretaries. 

You can read this guide by clicking here }}} Handicap Guide 2013

CDH User Guide 

One of the key principles of the CDH system is that each home club member with a CONGU handicap, is assigned a CDH ID number. This number will allow other clubs to confirm the individual’s membership of a golf club as well as their exact playing handicap.

This is particularly useful in terms of entry into Open competitions and the increasing number of clubs operating online entries.

We have recently added a number of updates to the CDH system and updated the CDH user guide. You can read this updated guide by clicking here }}} CDHUserGuideNov13

or go directly to the CDH website and view the updated guide by clicking on User Guide situated in the top right-hand corner.