A message from our Course Ranger

Please help to keep our golf course in good condition. Last season I volunteered to marshal the course only whilst I played and found many visitors playing without paying green fees. Our course is open with public ways around and though the centre of the course and it is common knowledge that ‘Joe public’ can always get a free game of golf on our course special on the 7th to 11th holes.  They just park their cars by the 9th tee and jump onto the course.

We pay our green fees for our benefit not ‘Joe Public’ therefore I would welcome other member to volunteer to marshal the course in the same manner as myself.  If you are willing to help please provide a small photo of yourself for ID and  the office  will provide you with an official Marshal ID card. Yes our services are free of charge but it will keep our course in good condition and also avoid lost revenue.

Thank you for your help – Lew Elliott

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