A message from the Men’s Captain for 2019

The following is the speech made by our incoming Men’s Captain for 2019 – Terry Cooper – at the Men’s AGM last Sunday :-

Firstly, I want to say a big thank you to Chris Bowman for all the hard work he has done over the past two years. When Chris told me I was to be his Vice Captain, I couldn’t say no and in the 12 months that I have worked with Chris, I could tell how proud he was to be Captain of this Golf Club and how he was well respected on and off the course (not only at Parklands but, across the County).

Chris has proved himself to be a great ambassador for Parklands and I consider it a great honour and privilege to take on the role of Captain but, I have some really, really big shoes to fill.

So here I am as your new Captain, going from what has been the youngest Captain, to possibly the oldest. I can assure you I have the same pride and commitment as Chris had for this position and this Golf Club. I think most people here know me. I have been a member here for thirty years, mostly under the radar. Like a lot of people I was quite happy to turn up, play my golf, have a pint and leave. Until twelve years ago, on one of Kenny’s trips, over half a beer he talked me into putting up for the Committee. I was accepted and it was then I found out how much work it takes (all done by volunteers may I add) so people could turn up and play their golf, just like I used to do.

I also consider myself very fortunate to be starting my Captain’s year at this time. Over the last few years I have seen the upturn in Parklands. The course is in great hands with Jon Watson and his team, backed up by Arena Racing. As Vice Captain last year I welcomed Captains and Vice Captains from the Hadrian League teams and the feedback was all very positive, the general consensus being, that our greens were the best in the League.

I am not going into this year thinking this is all about a parking space and some free golf rounds. I know there is a lot of responsibility and hard work involved in this position and I am looking forward to working with Lynda Holt and the Ladies section; Alan Dixon and the Vets; Brian Malone and the Juniors.

I am very approachable, even though sometimes it may look as if I’m not. An example being — my wife Karin often asks the question, are you happy? I reply, yeah I’m fine, she then laughs and says ‘well can you please tell your face’.

I would like to thank everyone for coming tonight and that leaves me to announce my Vice Captain. I made this decision for all the hard work he has done since joining the Committee and I hope he enjoys his year as Vice Captain as much as I have —– Graeme Brown.

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