Anarchy on a Sunday Morning

queueThe behaviour of many of our competitors in the Sunday competition last week leaves a lot to be desired when they turned an ordered draw into a scramble.  This was an official club qualifying competition, stroke play, off the white tees, to be played in three balls with a timed draw. The shop staff had kindly offered to act as starter. So for members to turn up and demand to be off early “I need to get off early” or simply go out and join another 2 ball because someone has not turned up is unacceptable. The poor starter was faced with all of these problems and more! This was bad behaviour which should have resulted in disqualification for all concerned. (It’s a penalty to start too early unless the players are instructed to do so. Rules of Golf Decision 6-3a/5). If it takes a Committee member to act as starter to curb this bad behaviour then that is what will happen for the last two rounds of the eclectic. Poor show guys!

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