Carrying a Spare Ball in your Pocket?

Is it against the Rules of Golf to carry a spare ball in your pocket? Well, the simple answer is no.

So is it bad etiquette to carry a spare ball in your pocket? Well, etiquette is always a matter of opinion, but on the whole, my opinion is if you do carry a spare MAKE IT OBVIOUS.spare ball

What do I mean by that?

  • Inform your playing partner you have a spare ball.
  • Ensure that the ball is marked up and preferably a different ball type and markings to the one you are playing.
  • A good idea is to make your spare ball a yellow one. This will ensure that you don’t switch them accidentally in your pocket whilst putting and incur penalty strokes.
  • It will also ensure that your playing partners do not think it suspicious when you discover your ‘original’ ball after a 4 minute 50 seconds search in two feet of thick grass!!

Most players at Parklands are never more than a few feet away from their bags/trolleys. There is little justification or need to carry the spare ball in your pocket. The exceptions are teeing from the 15th and the 17th where I regularly carry a spare ball to the tee, declaring such to my playing partners.

No one likes the finger of suspicion pointed at them, so if you feel you must carry a spare ball for some reason, declare it and make it obviously different from the one in play.finger

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