Changes to the Handicapping System

congu 1We have all grown used to that ignominious letter which appears after some players when the handicap lists or results are published … the letter 'i' indicating that the players handicap is inactive. Well the system will change on 1st March 2014 and these players will no longer have the letter 'i' after their handicap. in fact they will not have any letter after their handicap, they will simply be published as 18, or 22 etc. However the players who currently have active handicaps will have the letter 'c' printed after their handicaps indicating that this is a competition handicap.

So players who submit three or more qualifying scores in the period between Annual Reviews or in the previous calendar year shall be marked as having a "Competition Handicap". A Competition handicap will be annotated on a handicap certificate by a letter 'c'. Those players who had previously had a lapsed or inactive handicap will henceforth have an un-annotated CONGU handicap that can be used for social or corporate golf.

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