Club Championship Update

Today saw the Club Quarters and Semis Finals for the Men and the Semis and Finals for the Ladies at Parklands.

It was already warm at 07.00am as the players started to assemble on the tee, ready for the first match scheduled for 07.20am. You can plan for most events, but unfortunately, most of the players did not have their clubs as they were securely locked away in the Clubhouse, which itself was securely locked, as we waited for someone with a key to arrive. A very obliging and enterprising staff member managed to find a way in, but not before the alarms were set off resulting in a visit from the local constabulary. Still, we started only 5 minutes late and the matches were underway. In the morning session of the Men’s Club Championship, there were wins for Lee Thompson, Craig Wilson, Warren Young and Dave Gibson. The Seniors Handicap brought wins for Tommy Mitchell, Eamon Farrar, Bill Sidney and Les English. The Ladies Championship Semis had wins for Candy Brown and Angela Rumney  and Pat Bainbridge and Anne Heatley in the Bronze event.

The afternoon session was equally warm with lots of sunshine on our parched fairways and there were a few tired bodies on the course. The Men’s Semis were won by Lee Thompson and David Gibson thus setting up an intriguing contest for next week’s final.

The Ladies Club Championship was won by Candy Brown on the 18th green in a closely fought contest with Angela Rumney.







The Bronze Championship was won by Pat Bainbridge beating Anne Heatley.



Congratulations to all the winners and commiserations to all the runners-up. Thanks to Brian King for organising the day and to all the caddies and supporters who assisted and followed the players on the course …. And most of the matches were over to enable us all to watch England’s impressive victory.

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