Confused about the Mulch?

mulchSo what happens when your ball lands in the mulch around the bottom of the trees? The answer is, of course, you play the ball as it lies. We are a Parklands course and the trees add to the difficulty of playing the course. Trees are meant to be difficult particularly if you end up close to one. So second question .. can I move the mulch behind the ball? Yes, but be aware that if the ball moves in the process, you must replace it and add on a penalty shot.

bareSo what happens if the tree has been prepared for mulch, but none has been added? The answer is, again, you play the ball as it lies unless the area is clearly marked as GUR by the green staff with white lines. What about the tree roots? I might break my wrist! Well if in doubt — declare it unplayable and take a penalty drop.

So please, no interpretations, lets all play to the same rules.

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