Confused? You Will Be

handicapFirstly, please accept our apologies for any confusion resulting from the advice given to the players in last week's Sunday competition. Bad weather had resulted in a limited number of holes being open and coupled with this was the shortened course and the winter greens. As a result some players used full handicaps to calculate their stableford points and others used 3/4 handicaps. Following a Men's Committee Meeting last night, we have decided that the competition was a sweep based on 3/4 handicap and the results will be calculated accordingly.

To avoid any further confusion in this ongoing period of inclement weather we have decided that the remaining future singles competitions in the Men's (and Junior Boys) January/February/March calendar, (ie winter league, winter medal, spring medal and Captain's sweeps), will be played off 3/4 handicap. In the event that a scheduled winter league or medal competition has 14 holes or less open, the competition will automatically revert to a sweep. 

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