Extra Men’s Competition this coming Saturday

We are running a number of Men’s Handicap Sweeps over the coming months. The Competitions will be held during a Saturday from the white tees and will allow members who struggle to play competitions on a Sunday to submit cards to retain their handicaps, whilst adding a bit of extra competitive edge to your normal Saturday rounds of golf. The first of these competitions is this Saturday, 27th April 2013. If you wish to play in the competition, you need to arrange a partner (or two) and book a tee. The time you play is your choice. (But remember that Saturday is Ladies’ Competition Day and they have the tees from 11.30am until 1.30pm – approx.). When you turn up at the clubhouse, pay the entry fee of £2.50 by putting your money in the envelopes provided and putting them through the letterbox in the office door. Enter your name on the computer touchscreen. Return your cards and scores as normal and ensure that you have entered your scores onto the computer by 8.00pm when the competition will be closed. The sweep money will be paid as per a Sunday competition with £1 paid as a 2’s club. Check your handicap on Sunday morning because it may change when the Saturday results are published. There are no trophies or Sid Hall points on offer. Juniors are welcome, but please ensure that your card is marked by an adult. Participate and enjoy! If these events are well supported we will keep them running.

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