Intermediate Rabbits 4th Round results

Thanks to Douglas and team for hosting the INTER day at Hobson.

Winners on the day were Blackwell Grange with 243 pts, 2nd place were Crook with 222pts and 3rd place was Wearside with 219 pts.

League tables as they currently stand are

1st Blackwell Grange 25pts

2nd Crook 24pts

3rd Parklands 16pts.

Top scorers on the day were Blackwell Grange – Kevin Peacock – 42pts, Blackwell Grange – Graham Parsons – 39pts and Richmond – Chris George and Parklands – Dave McCauley both with 37 pts.

The result places were impacted by 3 disqualifications for unsigned scorecards . We have no discretion in this matter and must uphold the rules of the England Golf Union.

Leading players in the race to Rockliffe Hall are

Parklands                 Craig Stewart                     110

Blackwell Grange    Graham Parsons               109

Richmond                 Dave Chadwick                 103

Wearside                  Simon Newton                  102

Hobson                     Sean O’Brien                        97

Crook                        Peter Tallentire                   93

Stocksfield               Gavin Robson                       86

Next fixture is at Blackwell Grange – Saturday 25th July.

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