Intermediate Rabbits Final Game and League Results

It was a great venue for the final league match in the Northern INTER zone. Weather was fantastic and Stocksfield was in excellent condition and the day was well organised by Anthony and his team.

Winners on the day were Stocksfield were first with 243 points, Blackwell Grange were second with 234 points and Crook were third with 229 points.

Top scorers on the day were Nick Bissicker from Richmond with 40 points, D Harvey from Stocksfield with 39 points and Jim Butler from Wearside with 37 points.

Congratulations to Frank Stoop who won nearest the pin on the day.

Congratulations to Geoff Brown and Stephen Hedley who won on the Inter Northern raffle and won a sleeve of balls each.

The results for the teams of the INTER Northern Zone Champions was

Position Team Points
1st Crook 43
2nd Blackwell Grange 39
3rd Wearside 30
4th Parklands 26
5th Stocksfield 21
6th Richmond 14
7th Hobson 11

Leading players who have qualified for the Individual Championship finals at Rockliffe Hall were

Club Top Golfer Points
Crook Steven Winter 116
Blackwell Grange Graham Parson 110
Parklands Craig Stewart 110
Wearside Simon Newton 109
Richmond Nick Bissicker 107
Stocksfield Jason McGray 102
Hobson Sean O’Brien 98

The first year of the league was ran well by Martin Hill, Iwan Owen and the team and was enjoyed by all teams in the league.  Next year will be a promising year with more teams joining.

I would like to thank all of the players who took part in the Intermediate Rabbits league from Parklands and I would like to thank Iwan Owen, Tommy Watson and Colin Davison for helping with our day at Parklands.

I look forward to next year when we will be in the league and representing Parklands in the Northern Inter zone and once I have the information for next year, I will update the website and the noticeboard.




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