Inters vs Rabbits Annual Match

Today was the 5th round of the Winter league and it was also the occasion of the second annual match between a team of players for the Inter League and a team of players from the Rabbits League. The match consisted of a team of 14 nominated players from each side and the result was determined by taking the best 12 stableford scores from each team and adding the points together to determine the winner. The match is keenly contested and brings out the friendly rivalry between Iwan Owen who captains the Inters and Tommy Watson who captains the Rabbits. The overall result was a win for the Inters with a score of 469 vs 456. The photograph shows the Inters Vice Captain Iain McPhillips receiving the trophy from the Club President Geoff Brown. Well done to all who played today and braved the strong wind and biting temperature.


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