It’s a Clean Sweep

The Hadrian League played the 2016 Challenge Cup today hosted by Parklands. Tha Challenge Cup was formerly the Troldahl Cup, and is a Stroke Play competition for team, scratch and handicap with each League Club sending two competitors to be selected from aclub competition. (Gross Winner and Net Winner). Competitors are awarded points comparative to their score in their respective Gross competition and Net competition and the total of their points scored dec
ides the winner of the team trophy. There are also Individual Gross and Net competitions. Our representatives were Paul Gaughan (net) and Chris Bowman. In impressive style Chris Bowman won the best gross trophy with a superb 70, Paul Gaughan won the best net trophy with a net score of 67 and Parklands won the team trophy. Well done guys … very well done indeed!
hadrian league 4

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