How to obtain a CONGU handicap 

1. Three score cards for 18 holes to be submitted (maximum gross score of 120). All score-cards to be returned within 48 hours of the round being played.

2. The scorecard must be marked & signed by a player who has a CONGU handicap (not a junior). Both Marker and Player must sign the scorecard, which must clearly show both players scores, the players name, players membership number, players telephone number, the date on which the round was played and the markers handicap. If the marker is not a member of Parklands G.C. the name of his club and membership number must be shown.

3. All rounds must be played within a period of two months. Cards outside of this time scale will be not be acceptable for the issue of a handicap.

4. A player who has previously held a CONGU handicap must inform the handicap committee of the details when submitting their first score card (i.e. a copy of a handicap certificate if possible). Players who can prove that they that have recently held a CONGU handicap may be exempt from playing an etiquette round.

5. Upon receipt of a player’s third score-card (providing all score cards comply), the players name will be displayed on a notice displayed in the men’s locker rooms and on the website. The player should make contact to arrange their etiquette round.

6. An etiquette round must consist of at least nine holes. The score-card must be submitted to the Handicap Committee who will allocate a CONGU handicap and an EGU national identity number. The handicap will be displayed on the Handicap Notice Board in the men’s locker room and the website.

7. At the discretion of the Handicap Committee a card submitted for handicap marked by a committee member may with their agreement be taken as the etiquette round. This must be indicated on the relevant scorecard.

8. Any queries regarding the handicap issued should be submitted in writing to the Handicap Committee.

9. A player submitting an invalid card (score over 120) will be advised of this via the handicap notice board.

Cards submitted for handicap purposes should be marked for the attention of the handicap committee and put through the letter box of the committee office.

April 2011

Sample Scorecard For Handicap Purposes 

The Marker must have a current handicap 

If the marker is not a member of Parklands please indicate the name of his/her club and their Membership No.