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Late Entry to Competitions 

If you wish to play in a competition the only certain way to play is to enter using the entry sheet, we are getting very few cancellations particularly from the early starters. If you turn up on the morning and do not get a start in the time zone required, don’t blame the starter there is only one person at fault YOU, don’t try to sidestep the system. The system is there to ensure that all members are treated the same, you are one of a large number.

If you require an early tee time for an exceptional circumstance please make the request in writing/text we always try to oblige.

Application of Competition Entry Rules

Players failing to comply with the following requirements may be subject to the issuing of a ban from one or more competitions should they fail to meet the following requirements. 

All members entering competitions must :-

Members entering competitions :-

Enforcement of the above rules will be implemented with immediate effect.

Players not complying with the above will be notified via the competition notice board that they may be subjected to a ban.

Players will have ten calendar days from the day that the notice is posted in which to make a written appeal against the ban and provide supporting evidence for their reason for failing to comply with the above.

If the appeal is overruled the ban will apply to the next competition/competitions regardless of their importance in the calendar.

Only teams with both players names shown on the entry sheet will be entered into the competition draw for pairs competitions

The telephone number to contact the starter on the morning of a competition is 0757 247 9586