Newcastle Stampede

It was somewhat of a surprise that the golf course was fully open today, but the faithful few were there for the Men's Sunday morning competition and the last official competition of the 2012 season. Unfortunately the day also clashed with the event know as the Newcastle Stampede, a glorified cross country run, which looks like becoming an annual event within the park. Parking was the usual half thought out affair … point the cars in the general direction and let the punters sort themselves out. So being runners and having no understanding of the consequences of parking within two feet of the boundaries of a golf course they lined the 18th (see photo) waiting for the inevitable broken windscreen and dented roof panels. A member asked me what they should do if they were involved in such an incident and my reply is…. deny all responsibility and point them in the direction of the Racecourse Office. As I left the park I counted 40+ shiny foil blankets littering the field discarded by the runners. So much for their care of the environment they had just 'enjoyed'.

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