Not at Parklands, Please

There is still some confusion amongst members regarding the R&A Model Local Rule E5 – “Alternative to Stroke and Distance”. This is where a ball lost or Out of Bounds can be dropped under a penalty of 2 strokes.

Parklands Golf Club has decided not to adopt this local rule. Please do not use it.

The decision was taken when CONGU decided that “Under the CONGU® Unified Handicapping System scores must not be submitted for handicap adjustment if this local rule is in place.”

Adoption of a local rule which cannot be played in competition play was therefore considered to be confusing and would lead to errors and disqualifications in competition play.

If you go to other clubs to play competitions, you must check their local rules, but I am lead to believe that most clubs have not adopted this option.

You should therefore not attempt to play it in any form of competition play at Parklands.

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