Not at Parklands, Please

There is still some confusion amongst members regarding the R&A Model Local Rule E5 – “Alternative to Stroke and Distance”. This is where a ball lost or Out of Bounds can be dropped under a penalty of 2 strokes.

Parklands Golf Club has decided not to adopt this local rule. Please do not use it.

The decision was taken when CONGU decided that “Under the CONGU® Unified Handicapping System scores must not be submitted for handicap adjustment if this local rule is in place.”

Adoption of a local rule which cannot be played in competition play was therefore considered to be confusing and would lead to errors and disqualifications in competition play.

If you go to other clubs to play competitions, you must check their local rules, but I am lead to believe that most clubs have not adopted this option.

You should therefore not attempt to play it in any form of competition play at Parklands.

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Mens KO Competitions

Sunday 14th April is final date for entry into the Mens singles and pairs knock out competitions. The draw will be made in the Club Room on Sunday Morning 21st April.

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Support Our Juniors – Golf Day – a date for your diary

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The Captains’ Drive-In – 2019

Saturday, the 16th of March 2019, saw the start of the golfing season at Parklands Golf Club with the traditional Captains’ Drive-In. Terry Cooper, the Men’s Captain and Lynda Holt, the Lady Captain were watched by an expectant crowd of Parklands members and friends as they prepared for the nerve testing feat of driving off in front of an audience. The weather was more than a little inclement and the course was officially closed with overnight snow and rain. But neither Captain was about to disappoint, the Drive-In continued as planned with two exceptional drives down the fairway. Good luck to both our Captains for the 2019 season.

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Captain’s Drive-in

The Captains drive-in will take place as planned, today at 12:00 noon. 

Members are requested to show their support for Lynda and Terry by attending the drive-in. The Texas Scramble has been cancelled due to the course closure as a result of the inclement overnight weather.

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Captains Drive-in

Download (PDF, 116KB)

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Men’s Fixture List Revision

The men’s fixture list for the remainder of February and March has been revised pleased visit Men’s Fixture list for details

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A message from the Men’s Captain for 2019

The following is the speech made by our incoming Men’s Captain for 2019 – Terry Cooper – at the Men’s AGM last Sunday :-

Firstly, I want to say a big thank you to Chris Bowman for all the hard work he has done over the past two years. When Chris told me I was to be his Vice Captain, I couldn’t say no and in the 12 months that I have worked with Chris, I could tell how proud he was to be Captain of this Golf Club and how he was well respected on and off the course (not only at Parklands but, across the County).

Chris has proved himself to be a great ambassador for Parklands and I consider it a great honour and privilege to take on the role of Captain but, I have some really, really big shoes to fill.

So here I am as your new Captain, going from what has been the youngest Captain, to possibly the oldest. I can assure you I have the same pride and commitment as Chris had for this position and this Golf Club. I think most people here know me. I have been a member here for thirty years, mostly under the radar. Like a lot of people I was quite happy to turn up, play my golf, have a pint and leave. Until twelve years ago, on one of Kenny’s trips, over half a beer he talked me into putting up for the Committee. I was accepted and it was then I found out how much work it takes (all done by volunteers may I add) so people could turn up and play their golf, just like I used to do.

I also consider myself very fortunate to be starting my Captain’s year at this time. Over the last few years I have seen the upturn in Parklands. The course is in great hands with Jon Watson and his team, backed up by Arena Racing. As Vice Captain last year I welcomed Captains and Vice Captains from the Hadrian League teams and the feedback was all very positive, the general consensus being, that our greens were the best in the League.

I am not going into this year thinking this is all about a parking space and some free golf rounds. I know there is a lot of responsibility and hard work involved in this position and I am looking forward to working with Lynda Holt and the Ladies section; Alan Dixon and the Vets; Brian Malone and the Juniors.

I am very approachable, even though sometimes it may look as if I’m not. An example being — my wife Karin often asks the question, are you happy? I reply, yeah I’m fine, she then laughs and says ‘well can you please tell your face’.

I would like to thank everyone for coming tonight and that leaves me to announce my Vice Captain. I made this decision for all the hard work he has done since joining the Committee and I hope he enjoys his year as Vice Captain as much as I have —– Graeme Brown.

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What’s in a Name? – The Seniors Section

The AGM for the Parklands Vets Section was held in the clubhouse this morning and one of the most significant changes agreed at the meeting was a change of name. Forthwith, the Section will be known as the ‘Seniors Section’. The section continues to be a mixed section. Along with the name change, there was a new constitution agreed, a copy of which will be placed in the clubhouse for members to read at their leisure. Happy golfing.

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New Rules of Golf for 2019

If you are playing golf tomorrow or later this week, don’t forget that the new Rules of Golf apply from midnight tonight. So if you have done nothing about learning the changes, you will need to spend some time familiarising yourself with the changes before you turn up for your next competition. Good luck


The new Rules of Golf 2019 take effect on 1st January 2019. The key changes include:

New Definitions: 
  • Penalty Area – an area from which relief with a 1 shot penalty is allowed (formerly ‘Water Hazard’). Still defined as either yellow or red.
  • Relief Area – the area in which the ball must be dropped (and come to rest) when taking relief under a rule.
  • Reference Point – the point from which the size of the Relief Area is measured.
  • General Area – anywhere on the course except Teeing areas, Penalty areas, Bunkers and Greens (formerly ‘Through the Green’)
  • Temporary Water – formerly ‘Casual Water’
Pace-of-play support
  • Encouragement of Ready Golf  in Stroke Play.
  • Recommended maximum 40 seconds to play a shot.
  • Reduced search time, alternative to stroke & distance and putting with the flagstick in the hole (see below for more details)
  • Players may agree to play out of turn in Match Play.
Elimination of ‘Ball Moved’ penalties
  • No penalty for accidentally moving a ball on the putting green or in searching for a ball.
Relaxed Putting Green rules
  • No penalty if a ball hits an unattended flagstick in the hole.
  • Players may repair damage to the green, whether their ball is on the green or not. This includes old hole plugs, spike marks and damage made by shoes, animals and maintenance practices.
  • No penalty for touching the line of putt.
  • A ball resting against the flagstick is deemed holed as long as part of the ball is below the surface of the ground.
  • Interference by a Wrong Green now includes the player’s stance.
Relaxed Bunker rules
  • No penalty for moving loose impediments (stones, leaves, etc.) in a bunker or for generally touching the sand with hand or club (but not directly in front or behind the ball or in making a backswing or practice swing).
  • An extra relief option for an unplayable ball, allowing the ball to be played from outside the bunker with a two stroke penalty.
Relaxed rules for Penalty Areas
  • Expanded use of red penalty areas where lateral relief is allowed
  • No penalty for moving loose impediments, touching the ground or water or taking a practice swing in a Penalty Area.
Simplified way of Taking Relief
  • New procedure for taking relief by dropping in a specific Relief Area.
  • Ball dropped from knee height and must stay within the Relief Area.
Lost Ball & Provisional Ball
  • A ball is Lost if not found within 3 minutes of commencing search, although a reasonable amount of additional time is allowed to get to and identify a ball that has been spotted within the 3 minutes.
  • Provisional Ball may be played after the player has moved forward, at any time up to the end of the 3 minute search period.
  • The honour on the tee is determined by the player with the lowest gross score on the previous hole.
  • No need to announce the intention to lift a ball to identify it or to determine if it is in an abnormal condition (ball must be marked first).
  • A ball may be marked by holding a club behind or to the side of it.
  • Natural objects may be moved to see if they are loose or unattached. If they are found to be attached they must be replaced as close as possible to their original position.
  • No penalty for a multiple hit or if the ball accidentally hits a player.
  • Relief for an embedded ball is available anywhere in the General Area. The Relief Area is 1 club length from a point directly behind the ball.
  • No “opposite side relief” from red Penalty Areas (unless there is a local rule in place – not applicable at MGC).
  • A player may keep using and/or repair any club damaged during the round, no matter what the damage and even if the player damaged it in anger.
  • A player is not allowed to replace a damaged club, except when it is damaged by an outside influence or by someone other than the player or caddie.
  • A new form of Stroke Play called ‘Maximum Score‘ where the maximum score for a hole is set at a specific number (e.g. 8), or twice the par of the hole, or nett double bogey. For example, if the maximum score for a hole is set at 8 and you lose your ball and decide not to complete the hole, your score is entered as 8. Similarly, once you have played 7 (or less) shots you can pick up your ball and record 8 on the scorecard. For CONGU Qualifying Competitions the maximum score must be set at a minimum of 5 over par (equivalent to the ‘stableford adjustment’ of net double bogey for a player receiving 3 shots on the hole).

Click on the photos on the right to see explanations of some of the major changes,




Click to go to the Official Rules of Golf website, which is made up of 6 parts, including:

  • The Rules of Golf (full version) which is intended for those who administer the game and who need to answer the variety of questions that can arise in relation to golf competitions.
  • The Rules of Golf (Player’s Edition) which is intended for you, the golfer. It contains the Rules situations that occur most commonly on the course and is an abridged version of the full Rules. Although its text is edited, it gives the same answer that is in the full Rules of Golf and so it is a functioning Rule book.
  • Definitions – over 70 defined terms that form the foundation around which the Rules are written.
  • Interpretations – provided only for aspects of the Rules that are considered to require additional clarification (replaces the old ‘Decisions’ book).
  • Committee Procedures – practical guidance for those involved in running day to day play at golf courses, including defining Penalty Areas and defining Local Rules.


The Rules of Golf Modernisation website  contains detailed descriptions, documents and videos about the new rules, as well as a link to download the 2019 Rules app for iOS and Android.

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