RIP Pat Bainbridge

A sad message from our Lady Secretary, Denise Swindlehurst

“I know many of you have heard the sad news …… Our lovely friend Pat Bainbridge died today, Friday 17th April. She had been ill for quite a while now with cancer.  She died at 1pm this afternoon very peacefully in her own bed with two nurses beside her. She wasn’t in pain and just drifted off in her sleep. Thank goodness for that. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to attend her funeral, but John her husband would like us to know that when all these restrictions are lifted and we can meet up again, he would like to arrange something at Parklands where we can raise a glass to celebrate her life. I’m sure you all have your own special memories of Pat which I know you will share from time to time. We are all better for having known her. So for now take care and remember Pat in your own special way. Denise x”

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