Rules of Golf 2019 – R&A

We are all aware that the changes to the rules of golf which will come into effect on the 1st January will make many of us have to unlearn the past and embrace some quite fundamental changes. The term Water Hazard disappears and is replaced with Penalty Area; we can remove objects from bunkers without having to distinguish between natural and man-made objects; we can take relief from bunkers if we can’t play out (for the cost of two strokes) and many more. Most of the rules are common sense and are designed to speed up the game. The one which will be the most difficult to manage will be – only 3 minutes to look for the ball (currently 5 mins). We all can relate to instances where the 5-minute rule has been broken, so to impose 3 minutes on yourself will take a lot of self-discipline.

I can thoroughly recommend the R&A app available for iPhone or Android.

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