Stones in the Ditches

There has been some confusion amongst our members regarding playing from the ditch acrossditch 13th the 13th fairway. If your ball goes in the ditch you are in a water hazard. You are entitled to play from the ditch, but if you elect to do so, you must not ground your club or remove anything in the ditch and that includes all loose impediments including stones!

“But I might damage my club” – then take a penalty drop. If you move a stone then you incur a 2 shot penalty and you are still in the ditch.

“Why can I move stones in a bunker and not in a water hazard” – because at Parklands there is a local rule (printed on the back of the card) allowing you to remove stones from bunkers. The rule is there to protect players from being hit by flying stones, not to protect your clubs or make the shot easier.