Saturday Handicap Sweeps

The next handicap sweeps on Saturdays will be held on 1st June and the 15th June. These additional men's competitions have been inserted into the schedule to assist players to maintain a more accurate handicap, allow members who currently have inactive handicaps to have the 'i' removed and help members who cannot play on Sunday mornings. The first two sweeps were relatively successful with 84 members playing over the 2 events, 10 of whom had inactive handicaps. The sweep paid out £84 in 2's, £96 in prizes and £30 retained by the men's section. Why do we need to retain the £30? Well it may come as no suprise that our membership is considerably down on previous years. For those of you who do not attend the AGM's, the main costs of the men's section are running the men's and junior teams and the ever popular Captain and Chairman's day. These costs are effectivley fixed and the section is facing a loss this year … and every little helps!

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