Show Respect for your fellow Members – Lazy Bunkers

After some 20 years sitting on golf club committees, I am used to members having a good moan about the committees.

Occasionally, however, I feel I have the right to have a good moan about our members.

Sunday mornings are reserved for our Men Members and this Sunday past was no exception. I tee off around 9.30 meaning around 15 three balls have teed off before me. My second shot went into the greenside bunker on the 1st. When I arrived the bunker was nicely raked apart from 2 sets of footprints left by 2 different members and I assume condoned by their playing partners as acceptable etiquette. There was no excuse; the rake was there, the bunker was in good condition, they couldn’t have been tired by the first hole … they just have no respect for the players following.

Please do not be shy. If your playing partners do not automatically rake the bunker – ask them to do it! If they refuse, rake it for them and report them to a committee member.

PS … I made my 4 following my bunker shot so this is not about sour grapes … it’s all about respect.

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