The Captain’s Blog (No 4) – Tess Mann

Our third game of the season was away at Close House on Wednesday, 17th May 2017.

We lost the match 8-4 but the 4 points we got were brilliant. You might be wondering have I lost the plot, but I will tell you why!! I know it is matchplay but when we look at the combined handicaps the Close House team was +5 and the Parklands team came to 22. So you can tell what kind of task the team was faced with. Another advantage for the Close House players is that the green staff always put the flags in the same positions for every home game!!

Davy Gibson got our first 2 points on the board when he turned in a brilliant performance. Ryan Clark was 3 down with 8 to play and he came back to win 2 and 1, another brilliant performance. Myself and the rest of the team were standing on the 15th tee box and, even though the lads had lost their games, the camaraderie was fantastic and we had a great laugh giving our support. The millionaires standing next to us thought our full team had lost the plot! Ha ha, but that’s the Parklands’ spirit. Thanks to all the lads, Graham, Rob and Zach, the caddies, for giving up their time to represent Parklands. I am proud of you all.

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