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First things first; I would like to thank Bryan Malone for giving me the opportunity to represent Parklands Golf Club as their Captain for 2017, it’s a great honour.             My Vice Captain, Chris Bowman, is a great lad to have on my side and to help me along.

capt tess drive inI would like to thank all the players who joined us for the Captains’ Drive-In last Saturday, and a special thank you to Maureen Jenkins and Chris Nicholson who ensured that it was a very good day all round.

In close collaboration with Chris Bowman, my team squad for 2017 has been selected. We are very happy that all of our invitations to join the squad were accepted and the following players will represent Parklands in the Hadrian League and County events. K Mossom (hcp1) and current Club Champion, C Bowman (hcp2) Vice Captain (cheers mate),  C Wayman (hcp3), G Jobe (hcp5), D Gibson (hcp5), R Clarke (hcp6), R Armstrong (hcp6), L Thompson (hcp6).

The following members were also considered and I will endeavour to talk with them all very soon – T Mitchell, W McCulloch, K Miller, S Beaton, G Stott. The door is always open for anyone that thinks they should be in the squad or who hits a good streak of form. Please come and see me if you are not on the list, but feel you should also be considered.      I am confident that all the players above will give one hundred percent to the team, week in and week out.

hadrian leagueThe start of the Hadrian League season will be an away game at Tyneside on 3rd May followed by a home match against Stocksfield on 10th May. In addition, we will be represented in the Northumberland and Durham Inter-County Foursomes at Longhirst Hall on Saturday 8th April by Karl Mossom and Gavin Jobe. In the Davison Cup first round, we have a tough draw with an away match at Slaley Hall.

So this is my first blog boys !!!! All that’s left for me to say is have a good year and enjoy your golf and always walk off the course with a big smile on your face.

All the very best …. Tess Mann


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