The Men’s Committee

committeeHave you ever considered becoming an elected member of the Parklands Men's Committee? Are you interested in how your golf club is run? Would you like to understand more about how the competitions and trophies are run and awarded? Would you like to know more about handicaps and help new members to get their first handicaps awarded? Are you just a helpful person? Have you got a lot to say for yourself? Well maybe the last one is not a good reason, but the others are all good reasons for volunteering to join the committee. If you are still reading this notice then that is a promising start. We have 3 places up for nominations to the committee this year. You would be elected for a period of 3 years, would be expected to attend the monthly committee meetings and act as a starter one or twice a season. Your other duties would be by delegated by the Chairman. Interested? Then ensure your nomination is made on the form on the men's notice board before Sunday, 19th January 2014. The election is the following Sunday.

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