Tractor Marks

There was a time when a ‘Rut made by a Tractor’ was regarded as a hole made by a greenkeeper and a player could claim free relief. But those days have long passed. A decision by the R&A 25/16 states that such a rut is not a hole made by a greenkeeper and therefore the player is not entitled to relief.

However, it does permit the Committee to declare deep ruts made by a tractor to be ground under repair.

Therefore with immediate effect and until further notice the following local rule is to be implemented: –

Temporary Local Rule :Until the construction work is complete and the ground has been repaired or has had time to recover, all tractor marks and deep ruts made by the construction machinery are declared ground under repair and Rule 25-1b applies.That is: relief may be taken without penalty, to the nearest point of relief, not nearer the hole and the ball may be cleaned when so lifted.

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