Volunteers please step forward and join the Men’s Committee

A message from Geoff Brown the Club President:-

Volunteers please step forward and join the Men’s Committee.

The Parklands’ Men’s Committee is composed of members of the section who have volunteered to run the activities of the men’s section within the agreed structure of the Club. On occasions, they receive thanks from our members, but more often they receive just grumbles and criticism as the few attempt to serve the many.

We, as members, expect to have our handicaps managed and published; have the competitions run (55+ per annum) with fixed tee times; a published draw; score cards prepared; a starter; computer systems for score input; cards checked and results published; sweep money prepared and issued; Captain’s Days, Chairman’s Days, Invitation Days, Knockouts, County competitions, Club Championships, trophies cleaned engraved and presented; teams organised and managed; lockers managed; accounts held and distributed; minutes and records kept; …… and all this by a dozen willing volunteers.

However, the reality is that we as members are currently letting the Men’s Committee down in a big way. They have managed so far this year with a Committee of 10 ie 2 members short. Due to a couple of recent resignations, this number will soon fall to just 8. This puts even more pressure on the remaining Committee members who often have busy lives and jobs which demand their attention.

Can you help? Have you got some organisational or computer skills which could help ease the burden? Please have a think and consider being seconded onto the Committee for the rest of the current year. Volunteer as an individual or volunteer with a friend and learn the ropes together. The experience can be rewarding as we work with the members and learn new aspects of the game of golf which we all love to play.

Please talk with a member of the Men’s Committee – 2 extra members would make all the difference, 4 would be ideal. Step forward and be counted. Remember it’s your golf club, make it a club to be proud of!

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