Wrong Playing Conditions

There will be a delay in publishing the results from Sunday's Men's Competition. Unfortunately, some players were playing to the previous weeks 'preferred lies anywhere on the course' and others to the 'preferred lies on the fairway' which was introduced this weekend. Even more unfortunately, I was one of the players who got it wrong and I preferred my lie in the rough. And to add to the unfortunates, I had the best round for months. However, I cannot allow my result to stand knowing other players played to the correct rules and I have asked Brian King to disqualify me. If you are in a similar boat, you are invited to join me in the 'disqualified' category by contacting Brian before Friday lunchtime of this week. (email = king_brian7@sky.com). A genuine mistake, but still a mistake!! (note anyone disqualifying themselves will still be eligible for the 2's club). Results to be published Saturday.

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